To whom it may concern

Please keep in mind that you and I are not the same, You'll have your strengths and i'll have my weakness. But that doesn't define what we could be, Our rise are only valued due to our falls. You are not your limitations, Valid validation is only your own. -B,EAR 11/30/18 11:15



Stay close to where your heart is.

Constant Change

This world, including you and me have been continuously evolving and revolving and it would not stop now, more than ever. We are living in a time when we should be accepting and embracing these series of changes because our perspective about it is all that matters and because it's inevitable. Better see it as... Continue Reading →

Turning Pages

Do you feel stuck where you are right now? Like, waking up doesn't excite you as much as it should anymore? Well if you are, and it feels hard and heavy already, freshen up a little. Tiny steps is better than nothing, everytime. I'm no expert in life so you don't have to follow through,... Continue Reading →

Sadness:Valid (too)

No. You don't have to keep your other emotions a secret. They're valid too, all of them.Forget about the things that people might say or think about if you freely express all of your other emotions besides happiness. We are not made of pure joy, that's called "impossible" and "unreal".We must feel down for us... Continue Reading →

The Act of Creation

  Isn't it exciting to build something from nothing? Don't you just love celebrating those small but very satisfying achievements? I believe that time is gold, I mean that. I live by it. Wasted time, is time gone forever. I rarely get bored because I found out that there are so much things to do even on... Continue Reading →

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